Sarah and Callum - Summerhall

Braw wedding alert! Feeling very lucky to have met Sarah and Callum and have been asked to take their wedding photos - thank you both for having me along. :) They got hitched at Summerhall in Edinburgh - such a great wedding venue that meant a lot to them both, having met at Edinburgh University. Fed up with all the expectations and pressure that weddings can put people under, they designed the perfect day for them by making it as relaxed, personal and enjoyable as possible. A beautiful alternative wedding dress and make up, stunning flowers, a lovely ceremony conducted by a close family friend, amazing signage and graphics by another friend, a mouthwatering variety of food, the most stunning table of cakes I've ever seen, and most importantly a fab team of guests. Stunning. Very happy to have been involved and to have spent some time with these guys - much love to you both!