The Vintage Wedding Show - Inverness

I am absolutely chuffed to announce my involvement in the Vintage Wedding Show up in Inverness on Sunday the 20th of March - woo! Myself and few other handpicked suppliers will be exhibiting at the Drumossie Hotel between 11am and 4pm; can't wait to speak to some Inverness couples! Info about the fair can be found here: Inverness Vintage Wedding Show

Now, you may be wondering what an earth I'm doing leaving Edinburgh to go exhibiting at a fair way up north, but the answer is quite simple - I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Inverness and the highlands and so am really keen to get a few more weddings up that way. So much so in fact, that any bookings made around the Inverness area come with no additional travel costs - and will remain so until further notice (if ever); so any couples up that way wanting to get in touch please don't be worried about any hidden charges or distance. :)

See you next Sunday!