That's a Wrap

Well that's me finished up all my weddings, edits included, for 2015. :) It has been a cracker of a year with so many beautiful weddings and lovely couples. I feel very lucky to be a wedding photographer and get the opportunity to be involved in so many special days; it really is an honour and privilege. To all my couples - you guys are amazing and thank you all so much - I wish you all the very best of everything and I hope to see you all again sometime.

Moving forward I can't wait to get back to it again the new year. So many great weddings booked in to look forward to and, even more to find out about I'm sure. Until then, have a very jolly holiday everyone! x


New Website!

Those of you with a keen eye for graphics may have noticed that my website has had a few little tweeks here and there - yay! I'm also delighted to have spent a bit of time updating my wedding gallery page with some new photos from over the past year, which I hope you enjoy looking through. This is just the beginning of a much bigger refurbishment that will be taking place over the coming months, where I hope to make the site a bit more pretty and add in some extra features like private client galleries (very exciting!). Watch this space...