Pre-Wedding Shoots

A lot of people would consider an engagement/pre-wedding shoot to be far too awkward an experience to consider seriously - especially, it seems, the kind of folks that are drawn to my non-posey, non-demanding style of photography. That being said I do still get requests for photo shoots like this, and they are actually really good fun to do.

There are a few reasons why engagment shoots get the thumbs up from me. Firtstly, they give us the chance to meet up and hang out with for a while before the wedding; meaning that when the day comes along you'll know right from the word go that you'll be comfortable and relaxed with me being around. On a similar note, you'll not just know me a bit better, but you'll have had some practice at actually being in front of the camera. Having been through this you will have realised that you don't really need to practice being yourself, which is always what I'm trying to shoot, but it's still nice for people (particularly anyone that's a bit shy or nervous in front of the camera) to be able to let go of any worries about the photos on the lead up to the big day itself. One less thing to think and worry about! Another great reason to do a pre-wedding shoot is that it, when it comes to getting a few couple shots on the day (see previous post), you will both be real pros at relaxing in front of the lens - as the way I like to do these kind of shoots is almost exactly the same (the only difference being the location, which I suggest you make personal to yourselves).

Obviously an engagement shoot isn't going to be for everyone, but they don't have to be the traditional posey cringe session that probably have in mind when you think of them - so no need to rule it out straight off the bat. :)