Bride and Groom Preparations

I can't help feeling a teeny bit disappointed when I get asked to cover a wedding from the ceremony onwards - as such missing out on photographing the groom and bridal preparation in the morning. On paper it does make my life a wee bit easier as it shortens the day somewhat, but it always leaves me feeling that the couple might be missing out on some really great photos. Photojournalism-style wedding photography is all about capturing the story of a wedding from beginning to end, and so to have this bit of the day missing from the final set of images is – to me anyway – a bit of a shame. The morning build up to the ceremony is never going to be the highlight of your day, but it is a really exciting time and as such a really great thing to have some photos of.


I totally get that some brides just aren't comfortable with their photographer – particularly a guy! – being in the house while they are getting ready, but it doesn't need to be an intimidating experience at all. Any photographer who is involved in shooting the full goings on of a wedding day will be delighted to have the opportunity to capture even a small number of shots in each house before the ceremony – even if it's just of you having a cup of coffee (or fizz!) with your bridesmaids. It's also a great chance to get a few of the lovely extra shots of things like the rings and the dress etc. As you get older it's possible that you'll forget a lot of the little details like what you had for breakfast or what your make-up artist looked like, so to have a wee selection of photos that capture these things will be forever valuable to you both.


Spending a bit of time with both the bride in groom in the morning is also a great chance to say hello and for you both to realise that you can totally relax around me while I work. A lot of my bookings are from people who aren't particularly comfortable in front of the camera and as such, despite knowing that I take a super candid approach, might still be a little worried about how it will feel to have me in the background all day. You will realise quickly that it is not scary at all. :) As such, It's always your call in the end, but if you're considering having the morning prep ommited from your wedding photography package, have a wee think about why you feel that way and whether it's reason enough to miss out on some amazing photo opportunities. Whether you get some shots from the hairdressers, or you getting your makeup done, eating breakfast, drinking fizz, or the boys decorating the wedding car – or whatever else might be happening – I think you'll probably be grateful to see some of the morning captured when you receive your final shots.