Wedding Speeches

Man oh man, I love the speeches! Seeing and photographing any wedding as it unfolds inevitably gets me feeling really involved with it all; and so I usually can't help enjoying (and even feeling a wee bit emotional when) listening to the speeches. Having done both a groom's and a best man's speech myself I know fine well how nerve wracking they can be, but as a guest (of sorts) I always find them to be the most enjoyable bit of any wedding. Also, from a photography point of view, they provide some great opportunities to catch the big expressions and emotions that I love to shoot – a nice bonus.


Traditonally you'll hear three speeches at a Scottish wedding; the father of the bride's, the groom's, then the best man's. This isn't a hard set rule though; many couples are now choosing to involve other parents or family members and some brides bring their own best man - or even take a turn at speaking themselves. The more the merrier if you ask me, and regardless of who's talking I'm yet to hear a wedding speech - long or short, spoken with fear or confidence - that I didn't love.


Most of us who have done a wedding speech will likely have had the usual bout of worry about it not being entertaining or funny enough etc; but the thing that gets overlooked is that you couldn't be speaking to a better, more appreciative crowd - and for this reason alone it's almost impossible to do a bad job! Everyone wants you to do well, and so will provide all the laughs and encouragement that you need, regardless of what you say or how you say it. As such, as a final note... to anyone worrying giving a speech at a wedding; having seen many and enjoyed them all, and having stuttered and teared up through my own, I can say with confidence that you really don't need to worry. Everyone will love it.